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What are MASKlala masks?

These are premium quality, durable, reusable, non-medical, antibacterial face masks made of viscose from natural bamboo. Made to last, yet luxurious, MASKlala masks can be worn then washed and dried again and again. 

  • Quality Fabric - This mask is made of 95% viscose produced from naturally grown bamboo and 5% spandex. This fabric is softer than cotton, with a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk.
  • 3 Ply Protection - Triple-layered, yet comfortable and breathable! At 200 gsm (5.90 oz/sq yd) per layer for a combined weight of 600 gsm (17.70 oz/sq yd), this mask exceeds the standards recommended by the City of Los Angeles and the CDC
  • Antimicrobial and Odor Resistant - This fabric has natural bacteriostatic and antimicrobial properties that exceed those of cotton fabric (source)
  • Adjustable, Secure Fit - Each mask features four 13” long flexible ties for a secure fit. Customize the fit by simply tying a knot behind the head, or tie a knot behind each ear for quick removal.
  • Snug-Fitting - This mask will contour to the shape of your face; the ties allow for a very snug fit. Rather than using inexpensive elastic bands that feel harsh against the skin, the MASKLaLa mask has quality, soft fabric ties to provide all-day comfort.
  • One Size Fits All - Suitable for men and women, adults and kids
  • Moisture-wicking - Highly absorbent and quick drying
  • Comfortable & Hypoallergenic - Super soft, comfortable and easy on the skin. Ideal for daily use. Naturally hypoallergenic and thermal regulating.
  • Washable & Designed for Repeated Use - Wash and wear again and again
  • Care - Wash before first use. Machine or hand wash, tumble dry low or lay flat to air dry, then iron if desired.
  • Made in USA - Produced and manufactured in Los Angeles, California

 Disclaimer: This is NOT a medical-grade mask. This product is not designed nor intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition and is designed for non-medical purposes only. No MASKLaLa products are or are intended to be substitutes for medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) or any other medical equipment. No representations or claims regarding MASKLaLa products are intended to substitute for professional medical advice. This mask is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19 such as social distancing, hand washing and not touching the face. Please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider to answer any medical questions.


How are MASKlala masks better than regular cotton masks?

Bamboo plants, having inherent antimicrobial properties, can be grown without the use of pesticides. All MASKlala products are made of 80-96% viscose produced from naturally grown bamboo. A research study conducted in 2011 has shown that regenerated bamboo fabric has a bacteriocidal effect and eliminates a higher percentage of bacteria compared to cotton fabric. Click here to read more


What are the dimensions of the mask?

The approximate dimensions of the mask are 8.5" to 9“ long and 5.5“ to 6.6" wide with 13” ties. Each mask is handmade and size may vary slightly depending on batch and style of product.


How much stock do you have on hand?

We keep a small, steady supply of inventory on hand to ship out to individual consumers and replenishes constantly to meet demands. For bulk orders of 100 pieces or more, we produce them in real-time to fulfill orders as they come in. Turnaround time for these pre-orders ranges from 3 to 10 business days, depending on quantity, style, and types of products being ordered.  


Why are your masks so expensive?

The difference is in the fabric. It is the same reason why silk or cashmere is more expensive than cotton or synthetic fabric.
Bamboo viscose fabric is a premium quality material that far exceeds the benefits of 100% cotton and other synthetic fabric. If you perform a search for socks, undershirts, or bed linens made of bamboo viscose, you'll find the average price is about 3 to 4 times that of 100% cotton. We not only use the best quality available at 95% bamboo viscose fabric to produce these masks, but it is also tripled layered, with all 3 layers made of bamboo viscose fabric, which significantly increased the cost of production. The fair value of these masks is around $30 to $34, yet we offer them for a very low price of between $19 to $25 which includes free shipping, bringing the actual price per mask to between $14 to $21 - the price that many other sell their cotton or poly masks for. With frequent promotional discounts offered, we often sell for no markup in profit.

We try to price these masks to be accessible for all, far below its fair market value. Comparing by price alone is comparing apples to oranges.  

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